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Exclusive International has been establishes with distinctive academic profile. The main motive behind its establishment is to produce the skilled youth with technical knowledge, who meets the industrial and international recruitment requirements. In short span of time, this young institute has laid a firm foundation of Fashion & Textile in town (MULTAN) and its considered as a milestone.

The academic life on the campus is vibrant and exciting with seminars. Symposia, special lectures and workshops throughout the year. The Exclusive International organizes study tours and short visits to the industry for the related subjects, which help the students to understand the working of the industry and to realize the inspiration of their designs.


I have dedicated my energies to educational, skills and technical direction for a student who wants to stand out of crowd and mark his future bright...Read More »


The acdemic life one on the campus is vibrarant and exciting with seminars. Symposia,Special leactures and workshops throughout the year...Read More »