Why Our College

We pride ourselves on our commitment to our students and community. .

As a professional learning community commits to...

  • creating a safe and caring environment for our students
  • staying abreast of current research and best practices
  • empowering our students to become responsible, respectful and contributing citizens
  • working collaboratively
  • basing all decisions on what is best for our students
  • focusing on the positive and what we can control
  • celebrating diversity and uniqueness in our students
  • modeling lifelong learning
  • nurturing the whole child
  • fostering parent and community involvement

The management is responsible to guide administration and faculty and provide conducive environment for achievement of University vision and mission and take measures to attain the aim of strategic thrusts decided by the governing body.


Rise with the best to explore the futuristic heavens of knowledge.


The enhancement of knowledge & learning through conceptual studies facilitated by the modern teaching methodology which can provide academically strong & confident individuals, the ornamented personalities with multiple talents, creativity, morality & tolerance, having the sense of self respect, responsibility & care for the creation of God.



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The acdemic life one on the campus is vibrarant and exciting with seminars. Symposia,Special leactures and workshops throughout the year...Read More »